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Environmental Responsibility

Critical Flow Systems is committed to minimising its impact on the environment. In 2011 C.F.S. joined the Carbon Trust with a view to reducing our carbon footprint year on year. This accelerated our environmental awareness and set into practice processes and procedures that have dramatically reduced out environmental impact. In 2015 we left the Carbon Trust and developed our ISO 14001 systems that allowed us to focus on our total environmental impact, not just our carbon foot print. However, many of the systems developed for the Carbon Trust have proved very useful in our ISO such a Carbon Management Strategy.


Critical Flow Systems began sponsoring the Heart of England Forest Project in 2011 for a four year term. The project is planting indigenous species of trees throughout Warwickshire. CFS sponsored the planting of 165 trees per year near Spernal. 165 trees is a conservative estimate of the number required to sequester the annual carbon discharge from our business activities.   

The project celebrated planting its 1,000,000th tree with a ceremonial tree planting with key sponsors and a fabulous lunch.