Case Studies

CFS have developed a range of measurement systems and techniques as a result of specific projects.
These solutions are developed into more generic systems to use, when similar problems are encountered.

Flow4 Storm Event Monitoring

Recently the Environment Agency has placed new regulatory drivers on water utility companies to demonstrate compliance in respect of their storm flow. Flow4 Storm Event Monitoring was developed to demonstrate compliance during storm events.

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UKWIR Research Project (2018)

In partnership with UKWIR we have conducted a research project on Final Effluent Flow Measurement as part of the Flow4 storm event compliance.

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Verification of MCERTS flow meters (2019)

Working together, CFS, Severn Trent, DCWW and United Utilities have developed a system to enable operators to demonstrate equipment verification between audits as part of their MCERTS compliance.

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H Flume

Developed to deal with accuracy of measurement throughout a range of flows and for ease of maintenance.

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Three Chamber Magnetic Flow Meter Systems

Developed to provide a generic model to allow best practice for flow measurement, calibration and maintenance.

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The Pump Run Time Methodology

Developed to allow power generation sites to provide flow data to the EA with more cost efficiency.

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