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Water Utilities

CFS provides services throughout the UK and has framework agreements to carry out MCERTS audits and certifications with DCWW, Severn Trent, Thames Water, United Utilities and Wessex Water. In addition CFS provides expert advice, designs, design reviews, training and installation work.

CFS is principally an MCERTS certification company. We share the ethos of the MCERTS scheme that where the British Standards cannot be met then profession judgement should be used, to determine the suitability of a flow measurement system. This flexable approach supported by expert knowledge that has helped CFS to grow into one of the leading MCERTS companies.

What is MCERTS?

MCERTS is an Environment Agency scheme to operate self monitoring of effluent  An MCERTS certificate requires a successful Flow Audit (provided by CFS) and a QMS Audit carried out by Sira Certification.

In the case of the Water Utilities a generic QMS has been drawn up to cover all sites and the individual sites are integrated into this system. CFS is then able to apply to Sira Certification (on behalf of the EA) for an MCERTS certificate.

Do I need MCERTS?

An MCERTS certificate is required if you have permit to discharge which is greater than 50 CuM/day or where there is a flow condition on the permit. By now it is likely that the EA will have notified you if you need MCERTS certification.

CFS can help you with both the Flow Audit and the QMS requirements. Call the office to discuss your individual case. Often we are able to provide some background information using a vast database built up over 15 years which contains some 6000 surveys.

What will a Flow Audit entail?

A flow audit will requires a site visit. Typically a team of two engineers, containing at least one MCERTS Inspect will attend site.

Recently we have begun upgrading our fleet of vehicles to Ford Transit vans so that we can bring enough calibration and safety equipment to complete the job. This saves time with aborted visits and helps to reduce our carbon footprint.

An audit of the flow measurement system can take between one to three hours and will require access to the gauging structure and the flow meter.

Additional information about the process and the permit conditions will be required to complete the Flow Audit Report.

What Else?

For new installations the consent holder should only use MCERTS approved products. An up to date list available on the Sira website.

Certificate of Conformance

If the individual flow system does not require MCERTS, but you still need certification as a mark of the quality of the installation or the accuracy of the flow data, then a Certificate of Conformance (CoC) will be more suitable.

A Certificate of Conformance uses the MCERTS standards but stops short of a final MCERTS report. Instead a CoC is issued with a report outlining survey results, BS compliance and uncertainty results.