A range of products to complement MCERTS


In response to customer experiences on site, CFS has developed a range of products to complement the MCERTS scheme.

These products assist in ensuring that data measurement and collection is accurate, easy and convenient.

Easy to install and designed to reduce the problems of recalibrating, our products meet the needs of our customers, at cost effective prices.


A requirement of the MCERTS scheme is that the measurement system is regularly calibrated. This can be completed by stopping the flow, draining the system and confirming the flow meter reads ‘zero’. However, it is not always convenient to stop the flow.

CFS has developed a calibration system which is easy to install, robust and safe.

The sensor mounting bracket is designed to fit on a standard size section of slotted channel (Unistrut). The Reference Plate is removable so that it can be kept in good condition and is not accidentally left beneath the sensor.

Cost effective and easy to install, this system has been adopted by most of our water utility customers.

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Solar radiation has been found to affect ultrasonic sensors.

CFS have developed a new Sun Shade to help protect ultrasonic sensors from the effects of solar radiation.

  The Sun Shade has several innovative features, such as:

• The shade can be fitted without disconnecting the sensor head, eliminating the need for an electrician to carry out the installation and disrupting the flow data
• The sensor head remains in exactly the same location, removing the need to recalibrate the flow meter after the installation
• The shade is made from steel to help protect the head. It allows air to flow around the sensor head, which maintains a true air temperature.

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Different sites have different measurement system requirements but many need similar gauging solutions.

CFS designs and supplies a full range of open channel gauging structures in both PVC/GRP and stainless steel. 

Gauging solutions available include; Rectangular and V-Notch thin plate weirs, Rectangular flumes and H flumes.

H flumes are also supplied in a white PVC finish to help exaggerate the need for cleaning and maintenance.

These gauging solutions can now be supplied as a kit for standardised sizes, eliminating the time and expense of having bespoke gauging structures made.

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