The staff who run your company MCERTS management system need to be competent in the operation of their equipment and have a good understanding of the MCERTS scheme.

CFS is able to provide and host training courses in our purpose built training room which has a fully functioning and calibrated demonstration test rig installed.

The test rig is an invaluable teaching resource having a selection of MCERTS approved products and commonly used flow meters installed.

With clear PVC panels, the behaviour of water through various systems can be observed. Using different diameter pipes, flows can be diverted through a variety of the most widely used channels, flumes, weir tanks and meters.

We have developed a number of engaging and relevant courses which include slide shows, demonstrations and most importantly, hands on experience on the test rig.

Courses can be run for up to 10 persons and are provided on demand. Courses can also be delivered at a customer’s venue.

Ensure your personnel are fully trained, understand MCERTS and are competent in the operation of your flow measurement system.