Research Project (2018)


Working in partnership with Servelec Technologies, CFS successfully bid to carry out a research project on behalf of UKWIR. The project wanted to investigate the potential use of final effluent flow measurement to demonstrate Flow To Treatment compliance.

This was part of the Environment Agency’s (EA) Flow4 driver requirement.


The ultimate goal of the project was to develop a model that used retrospective final effluent flow measurement data. This system or model would show the retention time through the sewage works so that the storm spill point could be identified.

Our engineers have provided the flow and industry expertise and were able to help with example sites for model testing. Servelec carried out the background research and developed two models to trial.


The project results were presented to UKWIR members and representatives from the Water Utilities, prompting further interest and debate from these stakeholders.

The results helped shape a number of EA drivers and initiatives that have followed since the completion of the project.