Verification of

MCERTS flow meters (2019)


Within the MCERTS scheme, there is a requirement that, throughout the certification period, the operator undertakes appropriate verification that their flow monitoring equipment is operating satisfactorily.

The EA seldom issue prescriptive guidance on how to demonstrate compliance. The task falls to the consent holder to fully understand the permit condition or requirement and to develop their own response showing compliance.


We worked closely with Severn Trent, DCWW and United Utilities to determine a number of sites where the type of Verification method required could be identified.

It was found that open channel systems could be Verified using the pre-installed CFS reference system. This is a simple low risk activity which can be carried out by the water utilities existing Instrument technicians.

The closed pipe systems require Secondary Verification with a portable flow meter, these frequently need a confined space entry into the sensor chamber.

Using our own experiences of establishing ISO quality systems, we have also been able to develop a reporting format that meets the requirements of MCERTS.


All these companies are now conducting a regular program for Verifying their meters.

Some utility companies have opted for a program of annual verification and others a rolling program of verifications, midway through the 5 yearly MCERTS certificate period.