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Water Utilities

Water Utilities

CFS carry out all aspects of the inspection process; site inspection, Flow Audit, and QMS Audit.

Providing services throughout the UK, we carry out MCERTS audits and certifications for DCWW, Severn Trent, Thames Water, United Utilities and Wessex Water.

In addition, we can provide expert advice, installations, design services, training and equipment calibration services to ensure continued compliance.

What is MCERTS?

MCERTS is the Environment Agency scheme for water utilities to operate the self monitoring of effluent into water.

To achieve MCERTS certification a successful Flow Audit and QMS Audit must be carried out.

For water utilities, a generic QMS has been developed covering all sites, enabling individual sites to be integrated into the system.

Once the Flow and QMS Audits are successfully carried out, we apply to CSA Sira Certification for the MCERTS certificate.

Do I need MCERTS?

MCERTS certificates are required:
• If you have a permit to discharge above 50m3/day
• If your permit has a flow condition attached

With over 23 years of experience and a huge debase of over 9000 surveys, CFS can advise you on your individual case, please contact us

Storm Event Monitoring

New Environment Agency regulations require water utility companies to demonstrate that sewage treatment works have treated their consented flow before it spills to storm.

CFS has worked closely with the EA and UKWIR to develop this policy and how compliance can be demonstrated.

Compliance usually requires the installation of an Event Duration Monitor (EDM) over the storm weir and a flow measurement system to measure the flow to treatment.

Many sites are straightforward, simply requiring the installation of a calibrated EDM next to the MCERT meter. Where this isn’t the case, using our range of flow/uncertainty software, a best case scenario can be presented to the EA.

A range of alternative measurement systems and designs can be provided, if the existing system is found to be unsuitable.

We have worked with several water utility companies throughout England and Wales, installing over 30 EDMs and providing Certificates of Conformance for over 40 sewage works.

What will a Flow Audit Involve?

All Flow Audits require a site visit by a qualified MCERTS Inspector.

Prior to our visit, we will send you a Pre-Visit MCERTS Check List:

Read Here

A qualified MCERTS Inspector will attend the site with all the necessary calibration and safety equipment to ensure the inspection and audit are completed on time and to a high standard.

Expect an audit of your flow measurement system to take between one to three hours. Access to the gauging structure and flow meter is needed.

Full information about the permit and conditions for the site needs to be made available to complete the Flow Audit Report.

New Installations

New installations must use MCERTS approved products. These can be found on the CSA Sira website.

Certificate of Conformance

Some individual flow system do not require MCERTS. However, you might still need certification as a quality mark for the installation or accuracy of the flow data. A Certificate of Conformance (CoC) achieves this.

Using MCERTS standards, but without the need for a full MCERTS report, a CoC is issued with an outline report. This covers survey results, BS compliance and uncertainty results.

Other Services

CFS is a specialist Flow Measurement company. We offer expertise in all areas of flow measurement:
• Installation
• Design
• MCERTS certification
• Training
• Equipment calibration, maintenance and repair
To discuss any aspect of MCERTS and compliance, please contact us.