There is continual pressure on the water utility companies to reduce their maintenance requirements and to improve the accuracy of flow measurement.


CFS explored the use of H flumes which are commonly used in North America for irrigation.

The key characteristics of H flumes are their ability to flush through solids and accurately measure across a broad range of flows from high to low end.

H flume technology was integrated into Mflow (our flow computation software), a prototype built and then calibrated on our test rig.

Customers from Severn Trent Water and United Utilities were invited to observe the calibration, prior to commissioning an installation.


CFS have installed or overseen the installation of approximately ten H flume systems with considerable capital and operational cost savings to clients.

H flumes are more cost effective to install therefore providing capital cost savings.

Operational cost savings are achieved as the H flume reduces the need to pump flow through the mag meters, at an extra cost.